Sunday, June 15, 2014

Warhammer Wood Elves Araloth pt.5

Well this ended up taking a hell of a lot longer than I was expecting.

Whilst it is true that I would have preferred this finished a couple of weeks ago it did end up being a positive experience. It definitely allowed me to get my head somewhat around the painting process again, I even totally destroyed a Rosemary & Co brush in the process - great brushes btw, probably my favourites now. The last 2 have taken a ridiculous amount of punishment and still managed to retain a point and good feel

Anyhow - back to the miniature. Glad it's finished - enjoyed much of the painting process (hated some of it) - learnt a lot - improved a lot - definitely feel that I'm heading back toward the standard I was painting at 6 or 7 years ago which is great - looking forward to starting on something a little more challenging, perhaps in a larger scale.

I'll take some better pictures in a couple of days and may write something more coherent about the painting process.

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  1. I've been looking forward to seeing this mini completed for quite some time now. Man! This is cool!! Loads of points of interest to comment on. It's cool to see that you've experimented with some new techniques on this guy. The gold looks super sweet with the mottled effect and I'm totally digging the staff of the spear - some sort of magical elven material? Nice smooth blending all round, and I especially appreciate the work on his flying buddy "Skaryn". Superb attention to detail mixed with beautiful blending and choice colours. Lovely! On a final note, the hair, boots, etc look great and your gem stones are some of the best looking gem stones out there. Also, groovy spear blade! Lokks like you're having fun man ~ :) Look forward to seeing more minis from ya in the future. Any chance of posting a tutorial at some point in the future? Hint, hint, nudge, nudge... ;) Thanks mate!