Sunday, April 22, 2012

RBG Dwarf.

Finally finished off the RBG Dwarf I started back in September of  2011.  It's such a great little sculpt, no idea why it's now OOP but I guess Tre's minis are all varying degrees of excellent so maybe he thought it the least good of the current dwarves.

The base was inspired by Ben Komets' work on his Miniature Mentor video although next time I'll try for the floating tile look which he achieves so well. I had actually finished a base for this miniature before I'd even started on the figure but as often happens with me - the miniature would not fit on it when I tried to put it all together and had to start again. Quite a happy error though as I think this one looks far better.

Monday, April 9, 2012

A Little More Spring Cleaning.

I quite enjoyed the feeling of clearing away one of my long-term, half finished projects so I decided to revisit one that's been bothering me longer than most.I purchased Gurm not long after it was released and started on the painting soon after it arrived in the post but nothing went right and it was soon abandoned. That was possibly 8+ years ago now. For the next unfinished project I thought it'd be a good idea to choose the miniature I was least likely to ever return to and this was an easy choice.

Once again I didn't strip or re-base the miniature, I just continued on from where I left off. Nothing much worth mentioning about the paintjob other than the armour - I used a variation of the hairspray technique minus the airbrush. It was a little tricky trying to stop the hairspray from 'activating' whilst brushing on the subsequent layer of paint but I found that heating it with a hairdryer so the paint dried immediately helped. The rest of the technique then proceeded as it normally does with out too much difficulty.

And as it was for the best part of 8 years: