Friday, May 9, 2014

Warhammer Wood Elves Araloth pt.2

This is my first experience with the new GW plastics and impressions are mostly positive. This particular 'kit' assembled very nicely and the only obvious joins were taken care of by a liberal application of plastic glue to the areas in question. There were some issues though - certain parts of the miniature are incredibly fine - to the point of being unsuitable for gaming. The second set of horns which attach to the centre of the headdress snapped either without any assistance from me or possibly when I removed them from the sprue and the area where the falcon meets the hand is another likely snapping point. The horns were fixed without difficulty but I'm not sure how practical plastics this fine are for gaming.

After assembly I primed using the zenithal technique (I'm sure someone's come up with a technical term with a fabulous acronym but I'm unfamiliar). The sequence was an airbrushed basecoat of Vallejo black primer, then a lighter coat of grey from the angle the light would be coming from and then lighter grey followed by white. Unfortunately the white spattered but it'll make little difference.

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