Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Clemundr Hawkeye by Red Box Games.

I've developed the annoying habit of getting within a hair's breadth of finishing miniatures only to abandon them. I know that it'd be so easy to put a few hours work in and finish them up but I just can't be arsed, there's just a total lack of interest. It seems that I need to complete a miniature within a few days or I might as well not bother.

Onto the miniature in question - I bought a bunch of Red Box sculpts a while back (one of which I've already painted) and thought another of the line would be the perfect choice for a quick paint-job that I could actually finish in short-order. A couple of days later and here it is...

I tried out the technique (not sure if anyone's named it yet) of priming black and then airbrushing a lighter colour from the direction of the 'light source' to facilitate the process of highlight placement and blending. It may be a little more helpful on larger miniatures but it's still a very useful technique even on something as small as a RBG miniature.

For a quick PJ I'm very happy with how it turned out, this was in large part down to Tre's great sculpting though.


  1. great stuff Arjay. I miss your amazing NMM! :D

  2. Hey thanks for the kind words... Regarding the NMM - I'll see what I can do. I guess I just enjoy the process of painting with metallics more - it's so much less laborious.