Monday, March 5, 2012

Spring Cleaning...

I guess most people who've been painting for any length of time will have half finished miniatures lying around, waiting for that inspiration that never comes. Unfortunately, I have more of these projects than I generally care to confront but over the weekend I decided to delve into long forgotten shoe boxes to see just how bad the problem was. I won't go into numbers but it was a tad depressing so I thought it best to do something about it and what better way to be rid of unfinished miniatures than by finishing them, well one but it still proved cathartic....

The lucky miniature was Nord Kegbreaker by Reaper Miniatures. No idea how long ago it was started but it must have been a while back because I (thankfully) came to the realisation of just how bad a cyanoacrylate and coarse sand base was many years ago. My guess is pre-2005 but who knows...

I decided it'd be fun to work with what was already painted rather than stripping and re-starting so the face and beard were basically just tweaked with a few glazes of various colours and whilst the base pained me greatly I also made do with it as best I could...


After (hopefully obvious)


  1. Really great work as usual.
    Arjay, what ever happened to that before and after old man dwarf with the cane? He was looking amazing.


  2. Hello Nils,

    Wow - that's a long time ago now. 5 years maybe, back on the old site... I ended up finishing it and selling it if I remember correctly.

    Thanks for the comment - much appreciated.