Monday, April 14, 2014

Unfinished and almost forgotten 2

Okay so I've spent a bit of time on this miniature now. Mostly I just wanted to smooth out the transitions on the skin - they were quite scratchy looking - something that happens if I'm glazing and not being careful.

The first picture shows the miniature as it had been for a couple of years. In the second I've smoothed out the transitions on the torso and added a little colour to the underside of the belly as well as adding some darker lining around the eyes with a red/black-brown. In the last I've smoothed the rest of the flesh, added some colour to the knees and repainted the mouth and left hand. In the end I basically repainted most of the flesh areas, not sure how obvious the changes are but I do think adding a little colour and warmth to certain areas improved the miniature subtly.

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