Friday, April 11, 2014

Unfinished and almost forgotten...

I guess having a collection of partially finished figures is a pretty common theme amongst miniature painters. Some of my own horde will most likely never be revisited for a variety of reasons but others - so close to completion, beg for a little attention.

I've picked out a couple which I think are decent candidates - I'm relatively happy with where they're at but I can - after having a good look at the photos - see what can be improved through different colour choices and general refining of what's already been laid down.

First up is Nagrot Crook-eye from Guild of Harmony, sculpted by Seb Archer. This is a great little sculpt and I like a lot of the painting - the yellowish metallic of the skull and the purple loincloth contrast nicely and the rest of the metals, leather and fur are okay however, whilst I don't mind the skin colour, it's a little rough in transition, a bit flat - lacking contrast and could be more interesting colourwise. I'm also undecided about the shield arm - initially I preferred it hanging limply without the shield but now I'm thinking that it'd probably be better if attached - not sure which way I'll err yet. I'll spend a few hours on it this evening and maybe tomorrow and see what I can manage.

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  1. I'd love to see you finish this guy. I really like Seb's sculpts and nearly bought this dude while in Oz a week or so back. Instead I bought his "Blacksmith" sculpt, which is very cool. Anyways, I love where you're going with this mini. And - hehe - I know what you mean about unfinished minis sitting on the desk. I've got three of 'em waiting to be completed at the moment, and one's been sitting there for the best part of 8 years!! Hey man ~ lovin' seeing you getting back into figure painting. Looks like you're having fun. :) Catch ya out there mate... :)