Wednesday, October 5, 2011

It's always interesting taking photos during the paintjob, things that you thought fine look rubbish and vice versa. With me, I think I stop looking at a part of a miniature once I've decided it's finished and can therefore miss things that I'm forced to look at in a photo. With this guy I was quite happy with the face and had considered it finished but I can now see that the lining around the eye is too dark and I'm either going to need to lighten it or create a bit more contrast around the nose by darkening the shadows. I'm also not entirely sure the fur works, I think some nuances of another colour are needed. and maybe some deeper shadows. I do like the shield though so it's not all bad.

On a side note - I believe this is one of the dwarf sculpts Tre discontinued from the RBG line. No idea why, it's a great little sculpt, far better than I thought it was before starting on it.

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